Our faculty comprises of people who are passionate about child development and are able to provide positive, fun and nurturing experiences for the children under their guidance. We have a high staff ratio enhanced by a rich curriculum. Our team is energetic and creative, enabling our children to ask questions, explore and discover on a daily basis.

Our visiting faculty is a team of committed, well-trained professionals who have several years of experience in working with young children. They engage our children every week in dance and drama, music, sports, pottery and French language. They help us encourage and enhance a child’s social and emotional development in these important formative years.

Support Staff

We are ably assisted by a dedicated team of support staff that unselfishly and tirelessly works to look after the children and keep the environment clean and hygienic. A dedicated female helper with every classroom, cleaning staff and 24X7 security staff ensures that all existential requirements are covered providing a safe and caring environment for every child.